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Prediction of changes in Cloud Computing and Big Data in 2012

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Here is an interview with Informatica‘s executives about the changes in cloud computing and big data in upcoming 2012. As outsourcing software development company we are always watching the latest technologies predictions, we are always up-to-date with IT trends. So it’s really useful’s interview.

“First, cloud will move out of the consideration phase and into implementation more broadly in the enterprise including within the federal government. And more IT organizations will make the shift from cost center to profit center, in part due to the adoption of cloud computing.”

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Darren Cunningham is Vice President, Marketing at Informatica. Chris Boorman is Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Enablement and Education at Informatica.

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IBM’s development process best practices

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IBM is a company with RUP best practices. Its VP talks about developers productivity and more…

IBM has plenty of application development tools at its disposal, including those from its own Rational Software line and Rational Unified Process. But tooling and process can only go so far to assure code quality. System scores application developers based on the volume and quality of their work. Today we representing the interview with IBM’s VP at global business services division Pat Howard.

SoftElegance is a company with RUP as a core software development process and we are attended at Rational Unified Process best practices, news, and useful facts.

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Pat Howard led application development at IBM, where he was responsible for delivering applications across all of Big Blue’s brands and overseeing its global development teams. On the talent front, he helped implement a system for analyzing individual application developers based on the volume and quality of their work.

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