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Despite technology breakthroughs over the years, software development remains costly and error-prone

Today we’ve found interesting study about software development projects statistic. “The data about software development projects is sobering—as it has been for decades. Too many projects still end up way over budget and behind schedule.”

This study covers 10 000 software projects and found that 21% of them had failed, meaning they weren’t completed or were rejected by the customer. About 37% of the projects in the study were deemed successful: They came in on time and within budget, and users accepted the result.

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The rest 42% of the projects were found to be challenges: They were late, over budget, not meeting users’ needs, or all of the above. This it new study published at 2011 by Standish Group.

Thanks to Patrick Thibodeau for ComputerWorld article “Software development success is still elusive“. You can find more information in the article above to find detailed information.

Of course, most SoftElegance’s projects are at 37% (they came in on time and within budget, and users accepted the result). Please contact us to get your own success software development project.