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The “Best Practices for Building Cross-Browser Web Applications” webcast was recorded on Monday, December 13, 2010.
The webcast was represented by Pete LePage, Sr. Product Manager, Microsoft Corp.

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Pete LePage discuss what to do and what don’t to build a real cross-browser application. Also there were discussed challenges that could be faced during web development.

As a outsourcing software development company SoftElegance was attended in the MSDN Webcast: Best Practices for Building Cross-Browser Web Applications (Level 200). SoftElegance has a great experience to build cross-browser applications using ASP.NET Technology and some other.

The duration of the webcast is 58 mins and audience are professional developers and programmers.

The PDF version of the webcast could be downloaded directly from Microsoft’s website.

The original version (Slides, demonstrations, and audio) is available only for registered users. The permalink to View Online or to Download is available here.

If you have any questions or troubles to download the webcast, please contact us.