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Manufacturing companies can now use reliable, wireless Panasonic Toughbook devices to improve yard communications, inventory management, and outdoor material tracking and reporting.

Panasonic Toughbooks are making industry easier: these devices are being used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, complex storage yard stretching several square miles, and indoor and outdoor warehouses where raw and refined products are stored. Forklift-mounted Toughbooks are also being used in the industry to help track product and inventory movement between locations.


Many manufacturing companies use manual processes to track inventory and provide project status updates. Over the years, these traditional methods have proven to be inefficient, costly, and time consuming for yard and shop employees, In the yard, lost inventory and products that can’t be located can negatively impact profitability. And, without a reliable way to track how many moves are made around the yard in a given day, many organizations lose money because they cannot determine the optimal number of employees and forklifts required for route optimization.

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