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IDC Manufacturing Insights supply chain strategies

The IDC Manufacturing Insights Perspective looks at the notion of clock speed in the supply chain, how the accelerating pace of business is causing manufacturers to rethink their approach to the supply chain, and the way that supporting IT capabilities are consumed.

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idc manufacturing insights

This perspective covers Supply Chain Strategies; it covers regions: North America; covers categories: Manufacturing, Industry Focus.

Please find the original perspective “Clock-Speed Mismatches in the Modern Supply Chain” at the registered IDC Manufacturing Insights website by Simon Ellis, leader of the supply chain strategies practice area at IDC MI.

David Greenfield has published “Re-shoring and The Cloud: Two Supply Chain Strategies” based on the IDC’s perspective. We’ve found this article really useful and would like to share some facts.

The full concept of clock-speed can be found at the article above, for IT, the concept of time tends to fall in the months and years category given the scope, complexity and cost typically associated with IT projects. Driving all three of theses areas is customer demand. Expectations here tend to reside in a framework of hours and days.

Back to report, the technology trend increasingly being considered to address the manufacturer/customer clock speed disconnect is the much-hyped “cloud computing” concept. After all, the multi-year supply chain software rollout that has been the common approach used by manufacturers for the past 20 years doesn’t always make the best sense in the face of customer demands that can change by the month or week.

Though manufacturer adoption of cloud technology is still low (about 22%), the cloud “offers a consumption model that is inherently more agile and flexible” and may be a sensible approach for manufacturers to increase “the speed with which capabilities can be made available to the supply chain.”

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