Facts about CIOs’ understanding of the applications portfolio

IT leaders might struggle to take advantage of the latest applications to drive efficiency and competitiveness because CIOs are failing to understand what is in their applications portfolio and how much they are costing.

Following Karl Flinders post originally appeared as “Six shocking facts about CIOs’ understanding of the applications portfolio“. We’ve found this “shocking findings” are really interesting and useful for CIOs and IT directors and Executives. So please find the Fujitsu’s research:

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“The lack of understanding of how much an application portfolio is costing means that companies have no way of telling how much is being wasted. How many companies can afford to be running applications that are not delivering maximum value? Any hopes of applications becoming a strategic enabler for the business certainly seem a long way off for the majority of companies”

The six shocking findings:

  • More than half of CIOs would be unable to show their chief financial officer that they know all the applications they have on their IT infrastructure.
  • Two-thirds of CIOs felt that their applications portfolio was only partially aligned to their business strategy or not at all.
  • Only 39% of CIOs said they had the right strategy to manage their organisation’s portfolio.
  • Nearly two-thirds of CIOs could not provide the true cost of running applications in their business.
  • 47% of CIOs said they did not have the resources to ensure maximum value from their applications.
  • Half of CIOs said the level of duplication was moderate to “too much”.

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