Forrester Research: SharePoint custom-development strategy is more crucial now than ever

Custom-development with SharePoint is a popular strategy for IT departments.

SharePoint Server 2010 adoption is very strong, and this version of the product has the strongest features yet for custom development. Application backlogs growing, many organizations will find themselves taking on SharePoint “customization” projects to meet business demands.

The survey on customer experiences with Microsoft SharePoint shows a successful product moving crisply through a major upgrade, from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) to SharePoint Server 2010. SharePoint usage is strong in organizations of all sizes and in most industry sectors. The product’s continued success has two conflicting facets for application development and delivery pros.

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John R. Rymer and Rob Koplowitz has prepared the great research SharePoint Custom-Development Strategy Is More Crucial Now Than Ever. “The stage is set for a big upswing in custom application development on Microsoft SharePoint“.

We strongly recommend you to visit the link above. Two main facts are that SharePoint can be a productive platform for business applications and сustomization challenges stability, performance, and upgrades of shared service.

Forrester Research

Forrester surveyed more than 500 IT specialists with SharePoint’s responsibilities. The three major facts:

  • Customers are quickly adopting SharePoint 2010. 57 percent of respondents using SharePoint had already upgraded to SharePoint 2010, a fast pace for a platform product available for only 14 months. Adoption is strong across industries and sizes of enterprise;
  • For more than 50 percent of respondents, SharePoint took longer than expected to implement for a variety of reasons. Customer-facing websites and custom applications were used the least widely;
  • About 75 percent of respondents said that IT and business sponsors are satisfied with SharePoint. SharePoint’s business value for these respondents outweighs its hassles, and SharePoint’s future looks bright.

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