SO-Aware – free webservice repository review

SO Aware™ is a free web services repository implemented with WCF data services based on OData.

SO-Aware is a product of Tellago Studios, the main aim of this product is to “Bringing Service Oriented Awareness To The Enterprise” or it’s simplified web service repository to give the ability to manage, track, store, discover and locate Web Services.


If your company wants to maintain a competitive edge on the constantly advancing market of services, be it REST, SOAP or OData, SO-Aware™ is the right tool.

SO-Aware provides a flexible and innovative design to enable the management, configuration and testing of web services in the enterprise. Contrasted against the complexity of traditional UDDI-centric SOA governance products, SO-Aware uses a simple and unique design based on the principles of REST and OData which enables the manipulation of service artifacts using simple HTTP GETs and POSTs.

SO-Aware can manage web services independently of the web services technology on which they were developed. However, SO-Aware excels at the management of WCF services by enabling support for native elements such as bindings, behaviors and WCF configuration elements.

The first release of SO-Aware™ includes the following capabilities:

  • Service Cataloging
  • WCF Centralized Configuration
  • Service Testing
  • Dependency Modeling
  • Activity Monitoring
  • OData API
  • PowerShell Provider
  • Management Portal

More about SO-Aware you can find at Official Website.

SO-Aware Visual Studio plug-in

Now available a Visual Studio plug-in that allows client applications to generate a WCF service reference directly from SO-Aware.

It’s free to download Express Edition (needs to fill out registration form) and easy to install. Instructions to install see at Jesus Rodriguez’s WebLog

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