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Using the Cloud to Enable the Next Generation of Mobile Enterprise Applications

As outsourcing software development company we are attended at Tellago’s Webinar “Using the Cloud to Enable the Next Generation of Mobile Enterprise Applications“. This suppose to be one of the most popular ASP.NET author’s Webinar.

The Webinar is scheduled on Wednesday, January 11, 9:00PM – 10:00PM Kiev time.

“The ability of building mobile applications that surface business capabilities is at the top of the list of most CIOs. However, a true enterprise mobility experience requires capabilities such as AD authentication, secure data sharing, application provisioning, device management, analytics and many others infrastructure elements that will make you mobile applications enterprise ready”, wrote Jesus Rodriguez on his weblog.

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Enterprise mobility is on top of the priority list of most organizations nowadays. However, the dream of the mobile enterprise is permeated with challenges in areas such as identity, device management, application management, and data sharing among many others. In recent years, the evolution of cloud infrastructures has become an ideal vehicle to address most of these challenges and enable the next generation of mobile applications in the enterprise.

This session will provide a real world perspective on the best practices, technologies and challenges of enabling mobile applications in the enterprise. The session will highlight how to use today’s mobile and cloud technologies to enable capabilities such as management, security, device provisioning, data sharing, messaging among other key aspects of the mobile enterprise. We will explore these capabilities within the context of the lessons learned in real world implementations and will focus on established and emerging technologies that will become the foundation of mobile enterprise solutions.

To register for ‘Using the Cloud to Enable the Next Generation of Mobile Enterprise Applications’ webinar go to GoToMeeting website.