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SoftElegance’s internal discussion about upcoming Windows 8

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Yesterday at SoftElegance we had internal discussion about upcoming Windows 8.

The first we’ve discussed in Metro style apps, what does it mean for developers. Than little bit about desktop, it’s UI and all legacy applications. Also it was discussed some new features like Hyper-V virtualization on ‘client’ version, support or ARM architecture. And for the end some feedbacks about BUILD conference.

Our main focus was on development part of Windows 8, or what Windows 8 will mean for developers.

SoftElegance and SlideShare

Please find our SlideShare presentation about the keynote topics we’ve discussed. This is not full of information presentation, it’s just the main topics to discuss.

It was funny and useful for all of us. Thank to all participants.

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  1. Andy.Starzhinsky

    October 11, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    Here is Computerworld comment Enterprises are unlikely to jump on Microsoft’s Metro, is another point of view about our discussion

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