The first look to Windows Server 8. Server Manager

Server Manager — new GUI for Windows Server 8

Windows 8 Server will have the radical different user interface from all previous versions of Windows. Windows Server administration center will be PowerShell driven and Windows GUI will be available if desired.

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windows server 8

Representing the first look (with the screens) to Server Manager shell, pre-beta release of Windows 8 Server developer edition.

Based on NetworkWorld’s “Windows Server 8 First Looks“. Microsoft’s proposed Server Manager for Windows 8 Server Editions helps explain a lot proposes in Windows Server 8.

Server Manager

Server Manager combines formerly separate administrative utilities.

Roles and services are combined with graphing (performance), and the Best Practices Analyzer, which fits server instances against best practices and policies models. Systems Manager-like view of servers, along with events and services.

Server Manager at Windows 8 Server

Grouping Services across instances and drill-down.

For administrators of larger systems, Service Manager can put a lot of information on a single screen to drill down. Services can be grouped among like-type server instances for rapid examination, or group control — shutting down, turning on, or modifying services among groups.

Server Manager at Windows 8 Server


Windows 8 Server Manager is full with alarms, if desired, and allows fast drill down to problem triggers. Also dashboard allows to group servers and instances in any desirable way, such as by location, task, purpose, infrastructure deployment, or whatever is logical for the site.

Server Manager Dashboard in Windows 8 Server

Note: Windows 8 Server looks like with Cloud-based style

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