2011 the year mobile IT, how it was at Mobilize, and BYOT

How it was at Mobilize, the GigaOM event, or what is BYOT

One of the most discussed topic in IT communities and between professionals is BYOT (Bring Your Own Technologies). This week at Mobilize, the GigaOM event, it was two main topics to discuss. Both of them are related to the main 2011 trend: “People brings their own mobile devices to work”.

As custom software development company we are involved at BYOT challenge. After the years IT departments saying no to everything, they are finally saying OK. That’s also changing the level of input employees have on the devices they use.

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So, the leading CEO’s has indicated 2011 as the “year when mobile IT was born”. “It was the year the IT industry figured out mobile, and it’s the year that mobile figured out IT”.

Thanks Erica Ogg for the “2011, The year mobile IT was born” post.

“People have been asking to bring iPads, iPhones and Android phones to work for a few years now, but this is the year that IT departments everywhere are actually embracing it, according to panelists at Tuesday’s Mobilize 2011 panel on mobile IT.”

How it was at Mobilize

“2011 was the year mobile IT was born,” said Bob Tinker, CEO of MobileIron. “It was the year the IT industry figured out mobile, and it’s the year that mobile figured out IT … Every small, medium and large enterprise around the world is going to be deploying smartphones and tablets at scale over the next 12 to 18 months.”

The major challenge for IT deps that people wanting to bring their own device into work.

“Yet of the 131 companies that allow BYOT, most only suggest which products employees should use, leaving the decision up to the individuals. Just 22 percent require employees to choose devices from a specific list. Another 38 percent let employees pick any devices they want”, say “Exclusive BYOT Survey Data“, which we really recommend to download.

“Though IT departments will have to do more work to secure their data, it’s actually a very good thing that employees want to deal with their own gadgets for work. It’s the ITization of the consumer. We’re more technologically savvy and willing to take more responsibility for our technology.”

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