Internet Explorer 9 beta screenshots

Microsoft has official released Internet Explorer 9 beta September 15, 2010 in San Francisco.

IE9 will have nearly complete support for HTML5 and CSS 3 selectors, border-radius CSS 3 property, faster JavaScript, hardware-accelerated graphics rendering, text rendering, video rendering and imaging support.

internet explorer 9 beta

Internet Explorer 9 beta available for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 2008 server. IE 9 does not supported on Windows XP. It available for download from Beauty of the Web.

The screenshots:
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Enterprise-print environment business whitepaper by Xerox

Cost Savings – Fact-based Strategies to Deliver Measurable Results

Here we would like to present you a snapshot from the Xerox’s webcast for Enterprise-print environment business.

xerox logo

To realize savings in the Enterprise-print environment business will need to gain control of an area where none many exist today. Most organizations believe that they spend far more than they need on printing, but few know the actual cost.
This webcast featuring by:

  • Ashby Lowry, Vice President and General Manager, North American Enterprise Print Services, Xerox Global Services
  • Jim Joyce, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Print Services, Xerox Global Services
  • Debra L. Bulkeley, Senior Managing Editor, IDG Enterprise Custom Solutions Group

will discuss the types of cost savings business can achieve through better managing their print environment and what they need to know to get started.

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SO-Aware – free webservice repository review

SO Aware™ is a free web services repository implemented with WCF data services based on OData.

SO-Aware is a product of Tellago Studios, the main aim of this product is to “Bringing Service Oriented Awareness To The Enterprise” or it’s simplified web service repository to give the ability to manage, track, store, discover and locate Web Services.


If your company wants to maintain a competitive edge on the constantly advancing market of services, be it REST, SOAP or OData, SO-Aware™ is the right tool.

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S#arp Architecture 1.6 review

S#arp Architecture (Pronounced “Sharp Architecture”) this is a solid architectural foundation for rapidly building maintainable web applications leveraging the ASP.NET MVC Framework with NHibernate. The primary advantage to be sought in using any architectural framework is to decrease the code one has to write while increasing the quality of the end product. A framework should enable developers to spend little time on infrastructure details while allowing them to focus their attentions on the domain and user experience.

S#arp Architecture

Billy McCafferty has released the new version of the Sharp Architecture.

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