Internet Explorer 9 beta screenshots

Microsoft has official released Internet Explorer 9 beta September 15, 2010 in San Francisco.

IE9 will have nearly complete support for HTML5 and CSS 3 selectors, border-radius CSS 3 property, faster JavaScript, hardware-accelerated graphics rendering, text rendering, video rendering and imaging support.

internet explorer 9 beta

Internet Explorer 9 beta available for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 2008 server. IE 9 does not supported on Windows XP. It available for download from Beauty of the Web.

The screenshots:

1. About Internet Explorer. Default blank page.
about internet explorer 9

2. Looks like the same settings and look at Internet Options.
internet options

3. The new feature is Add-ons manager, with availability to download extensions and toolbars from the web.
interne texplorer add-ons manager

4. Support of the HTML5 and CSS3. Some features are supported, like “border-radius” property.
softelegance's blog with html5 and css3

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