Microsoft Upstream Reference Architecture review

This week we would like to introduce you the Microsoft Upstream Reference Architecture (MURA). It describes a set of foundational “pillars,” or principles. These govern an architecture structure – a performance-oriented IT infrastructure, providing an enhanced user experience, optimizing a domain-specific infrastructure, creating a rich application platform, and achieving comprehensive interoperability.

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This descriptive approach provides an agreed-upon set of principles to establish consistent performance, while also allowing for flexibility that companies need to innovate and establish competitive differences.

The agreed-upon reference architecture approach will encourage simplification and unification for organizations in upstream oil and gas. System integrators and solution providers will benefit from an established, coherent environment within which to build solutions. Operators can also be confident that application solutions will run and integrate with their IT environments.

Current State: Overview and Challenges

In most upstream businesses, the current state of their IT infrastructure is unable to adequately support and respond to business needs. The volume of information is increasing exponentially due to deployment of digital sensors in exploration and production, more data sources are connected to IT systems, and growing volumes of information that are captured and stored in enterprise databases. Large volumes of domain-specific information are also embedded in various upstream applications. This data situation means its difficult to use the data quickly and efficiently to get the information and answers needed.

How to Realize the MURA

The MURA described in the “The Road to an Upstream Reference Architecture” and the process of transitioning to this more efficient state can be applied to address the real-world needs of oil and gas upstream operations.

To deliver faster insights and make better decisions, IT solutions must enable visibility and collaboration. Microsoft has created a robust partner ecosystem designed to help oil and gas businesses transcend traditional barriers, accelerate decision making, and drive efficiencies.
Our partners’ upstream software solutions can help companies gain the full benefits of a more effective IT architecture.

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