Two big developers forums comming next week

It’s very strange or some misunderstanding that two greatest developers events will be at the same time in California. The first one it’s IDF2011 (Intel Developer Forum) in San Francisco, September 13-15; The second — BUILD (Microsoft Build Windows 8 show) in Anaheim, CA, September 13-16.

SoftElegance with the primary .NET Framework’s skills are attended at MS BUILD event.

build windows and intel developer forum

What will be represented by each company at conferences and could it be the ‘Wintel’ alliance as it’s called in the press? As for sure that Microsoft as one of the IDF’s sponsor plans to show its upcoming Windows 8 OS. Will it be shown at the same time at BUILD?

ComputerWorld has called Intel and Microsoft alliance ‘Wintel’ on it’s post “Intel, Microsoft’s alliance faces test at IDF

The strength of the once-prosperous Wintel alliance could be tested at Intel’s developer show next week as the chip maker and Microsoft adapt to a market shift from PCs to mobile devices such as tablets

Microsoft has added support for ARM architecture with Windows 8, while Intel has expanded its commitment to Linux by developing its own MeeGo OS and porting Android to work with its tablet chips.

“What we’re seeing is the Wintel monopoly falling apart as the market is moving another direction,” Gold said. “The market is pushing [Intel and Microsoft] in different directions, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work together.”

But the PC market isn’t dead yet and will grow over the coming years, said Dean McCarron, principal analyst at Mercury Research. The Wintel alliance will manifest in the form of ultrabooks, which over years could develop into a market that blurs the lines between tablets and laptops.

Yes, it’s really interesting article provided at ComputerWorld. Waiting for the next week to see are our suggestions were correct. Stay in touch! 🙂

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