What’s interesting at mvcConf – the Virtual ASP.Net MVC Conference

In several hours the mvcConf will start. It starts at 8AM (CST) or 4PM Kyiv time (UTC+2)

MvcConf is a virtual conference focused on one thing: writing awesome applications on top of the ASP.Net MVC framework. Your brain will explode from taking in so much hard core technical sessions.

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Here is the schedule list that could be interesting for me.

# Time Room No Title By
1 8-9AM CST
4-5PM Kyiv
Room 3 Real World Application Development with Mvc3 NHibernate, FluentNHibernate and Castle Windsor Chris Canal
2 9-10AM CST
5-6PM Kyiv
Room 2 ModelBinding derived types using the DerivedTypeModelBinder in MvcContrib Steve Hebert
3 10-11AM CST
6-7PM Kyiv
Room 2 Quality Driven Web Acceptance Testing Amir Barylko
4 11AM-12PM CST
7-8PM Kyiv
All rooms Keynote Scott Guthrie
5 12-1PM CST
8-9PM Kyiv
Live streaming The NuGet-y Goodness of Delivering Packages Phil Haack
6 1-2PM CST
9-10PM Kyiv
Room 2 Building composite web applications with Open frameworks Sebastien Lambla
7 2-3PM CST
10-11PM Kyiv
Room 3 Entity Framework “Code First”: Domain Driven CRUD Chris Zavaleta
8 3-4PM CST
11-12PM Kyiv
Room 3 MVC 3 Extensibility Roberto Hernandez
9 4-5PM CST
12PM-1AM Kyiv
Room 3 Writing BDD-style Tests for ASP.NET MVC using MSTestContrib Mitch Denny
10 5-6PM CST
1-2AM Kyiv
All rooms Conference Closing Jon Galloway,
Javier Lozano

The schedule for all rooms could be found here.

See you at the virtual mvcConf 🙂

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