ComputerWorld’s new rules for Enterprise Apps

To be successful enterprise apps must be…

Originally “The new rules for enterprise apps” posted by Minda Zetlin for ComputerWorld. SoftElegance as software development company with major part of enterprise customers attended in the latest trends in enterprise IT world.

“To be successful today, enterprise software must be more user-friendly, get updated more often, and offer users outside your company more transparency than ever before”.

computerworld enterprise apps

In this post you’ll find some of most important new rules for enterprise apps and software.

…”Whatever applications IT deploys need to run smoothly on a wide range of operating systems and screens, but the challenge doesn’t end there. In addition to being platform-agnostic, today’s enterprise apps must be as user-friendly and inviting as those found in a mobile app store in order to entice users who, increasingly, can choose whether or not to bother with them”, the author says.

Rule #1: Make It Appealing

It’s a plug-and-play world, and no company wants to invest its money and employee time in lengthy or even brief software training. Even if your company does want to spend money on training, you may have a hard time getting people to show up. A recent survey by Swedish ERP vendor revealed that many employees will simply bypass enterprise software they find user-unfriendly or not intuitive. Rather than take the time to learn how it works, they’ll come up with elaborate workarounds involving other consumer software.

Rule #2: Make It Transparent

As the insurance company with the legacy interface may soon learn, in today’s business world, information is king, and the more information your employees can obtain quickly, the more competitive advantage you can gain. And that data has to be up-to-the-minute.

Rule #3: Update It Often

There was a time when updates, upgrades or any sort of changes to the software used at work were met with a general groan. But that time is well behind us. These days, employees expect, and even want, frequent updates to the applications they use.


At the end we would like to remind: “And if you can’t make a simple and user-friendly interface, you’re sunk. With mobile devices proliferating, screens in every direction, and more and more competition for mindshare, the time when you could count on anyone stopping to learn an application is over”.

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