Internet Explorer Platform Preview. IE10 HTML5 Test and Screenchots

Yesterday, April 12, 2011 at Microsoft MIX, a developers conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft has announced Internet Explorer platform preview. It’s first preview of IE10.

internet explorer platform preview

In this post we will show the screenshots how new IE10 will render HTML5. There are some examples from websites supporting HTML5 technology and how they could work (look) in future Internet Explorer 10.

How Internet Explorer Platform preview looks

Internet Explorer platform preview
Here is blank page. There is no tab support at the moment, and the menu is very poor.

Open page

Internet Explorer Platform preview
That’s the way to open a new page, or use Ctrl+O. There are compatibility modes with IE5, IE7, IE8, IE9, and IE10. The question is why no IE6 compatibility?

Drug-and-Drop HTML5 feature

Drag and Drop feature (when you can just drug file into your webpage to upload it, for example to add attachment to the e-mail) looks like useful and cool in HTML5 specification.

Open your web-based e-mail

Gmail in Internet Explorer Platform preview

Looks like everything is fine at the moment.

Try to drug the file in to the webpage:

Internet Explorer Platform preview and Gmail

Unfortunately HTML5 Drug-and-Drop feature does not work in IE10 platform preview.

I’ve expected to see the picture like this:

like in other browsers.

Some other HTML5 features in IE10

The the following blog was developed using HTML5 and CSS3. In IE10 it will looks:

Internet Explorer Platform Preview and SoftElegance blog

Looks like almost all CSS3 features works in IE10, except the shadows of the text. the same situation is in Internet Explorer 9.


There is no chances to talk about unified open video standards until the war between WebM project and H.264. So, unfortunately there’s no reasons to make test. IE works only with H.264 codec.

Download Internet Explorer Platform preview 1

Internet Explorer Platform Preview 1 is already available for download.

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