Introduction of the ConfORM – new Object-relational mapping system

Here is the short introduction of the ConfORM, the stand for Configuration ORM, and it was trying to use a lot of heuristic model for identifying entities from C# code. Today, it’s mostly Model First Driven development, so the first thing is to build the entity model. It often used Inversion Engineering here, Database Schema is will create based on recently Entity Model.

Originally I was found the Thang Chung’s article A first look at ConfORM – Part 1. This is a very useful article at it contains the code examples, how to build the Entity Model, Database schemas and some examples of the NHibernate Configuration’s

Fluent NHibenate really good, I liked this OSS. Sharp Architecture and has done so well in Fluent NHibernate integration with applications. A Multiple Database technical in Sharp Architecture is truly awesome. It can receive configuration, a connection string and a dll containing entity model, which would then create a SessionFactory, finally caching inside the computer memory. As the number of SessionFactory can be very large and will full of the memory, it has also devised a way of caching SessionFactory in the file. This post I hope this will not completely explain about and building a model of multiple databases. I just tried to mount a number of posts from the community and apply some of my knowledge to build a management model Session for ConfORM.” – the author writes on his blogpost.

ConfORM review

ORM configuration by code.
There are times when a simple piece of code seems to have a soul.
You don’t needs to fit to the framework, it fits to you.

The ConfORM is supported by Fabio Maulo and could be downloaded from the Google Code page also the description of the project could be found.

We hope this brief introduction could be useful for the people who use Nhibernate and all the necessary link are provided above.

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  1. Thanks for your mention in your blog. ConfORM is really good and it is also developed very quickly by Fabio. I hope this will be stable and we can be easy to config the object mapping in NHibernate.

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