TweetSharp – .NET library for microblogging, v2.0 not only for ASP.NET developers

TweetSharp is a .NET library for microblogging platforms that allows to write short expressions that convert automatically to web queries and fly to Twitter on your behalf. It covers 100% of the Twitter API and actively keep up with enhancements & changes.

In the begging of February 2011 the new version of TweetSharp was released.

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This is lightweight framework but it’s useful for the .NET developers; Windows Phone 7 mobile development and Mono development. TweetSharp can speed up the development process and designed to be lighter, faster, and more intuitive.

TweetSharp is the most complete, and most effective client library for communicating with Twitter. TweetSharp works how you want to: simple service, fluent interface, or LINQ provider.

It’s cool the TweetSharp support a lot of platforms, even the old ones and alternatives. It’s compatible with the following platforms:

  • .NET Framework v4.0
  • .NET Framework v3.5 SP1
  • .NET Framework v2.0
  • Silverlight 4 (Elevated)
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Mono 2.6

The User Guide greatly simplifies the task of adding Twitter to desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Both TweetSharp v2.0 and v 1.0 sources can be downloaded from CodePlex. The size is 3,5 MB and 4,5 MB accordingly. Also TweetSharp available for downloading directly into Visual Studio using NuGet.

The simple example how to use TweetSharp is:

Hello, Twitter

using TweetSharp;

TwitterService service = new TwitterService();
IEnumerable tweets = service.ListTweetsOnPublicTimeline();
foreach (var tweet in tweets)
Console.WriteLine("{0} says '{1}'", tweet.User.ScreenName, tweet.Text);

The rest could bee found at

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