@WalmartLabs — “Social + Mobile + Retail”. Or how the technologies drives retail

@WalmartLabs is redefining Commerce for the largest retailer worldwide, through the innovative fusion of retail, social and mobile. “Walmart wants to tap into social data and entice mobile phone toting customers to its stores”.

We’ve posted on Twitter several updates about Walmart has acquired social media startup Kosmix, about plans to change the way of retailing, etc. Now the time when we can look to Walmart’s tech plans in details. Are they really able to redefine commerce…?

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Today ReadWriteWeb has posted an article “@WalmartLabs: How a Scrappy Search 2.0 Startup Became The Future of Walmart” with the main focus on acquiration of Kosmix, social media startup which had built a Semantic Web platform to organize social media data.

RWW says: “The tagline of @WalmartLabs is “Social + Mobile + Retail” and it’s an indicator of where Walmart wants to go with the technology it acquired. Walmart wants to tap into social data – for example from Twitter – and entice mobile phone toting customers to its stores. Walmart also wants to beef up its online operations, traditionally a laggard compared to Amazon.com”

The details about past of Kosmix or TweetBeat you could find at ReadWriteWeb post or at the @WalmartLabs website.

It’s nice idea to add the feedback possibility to @WalmartLabs. Please add “API for third-party applications” to the feature-list. We believe in the future of Walmart’s project, and are going to develop third-party apps for it.

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