Enterprise-print environment business whitepaper by Xerox

Cost Savings – Fact-based Strategies to Deliver Measurable Results

Here we would like to present you a snapshot from the Xerox’s webcast for Enterprise-print environment business.

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To realize savings in the Enterprise-print environment business will need to gain control of an area where none many exist today. Most organizations believe that they spend far more than they need on printing, but few know the actual cost.
This webcast featuring by:

  • Ashby Lowry, Vice President and General Manager, North American Enterprise Print Services, Xerox Global Services
  • Jim Joyce, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Print Services, Xerox Global Services
  • Debra L. Bulkeley, Senior Managing Editor, IDG Enterprise Custom Solutions Group

will discuss the types of cost savings business can achieve through better managing their print environment and what they need to know to get started.

You could listen original webcast available for free download after registration.

OR enjoy the presentation:

xerox global services enterprice print services

your business runs on documents

managed print services journey

gartner mps magic quadrant

defining managed print services

a powerful value proposition

current client environment

the challange - too many devices and no control

managed print services bes tpractices

the managed print service opportunity efficiency and control

driving measurable seccess

cost saving and improved efficiency

device monitoring and proactive support

proactive support tool suite metrics

customer successes across all industry segments

measurable results hard dollar savings

the value of change management

environmental foot print across the lifecycle of printing

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