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SoftElegance has an interesting, useful, and up-to-date Twitter account, it’s very good English-speaking Twitter account from Ukraine. We are keeping in touch with latest software development, .NET Framework, outsourcing, PoS and retail, and manufacturing news and trends.

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SoftElegance’s twitter account delivers unique, fair content. We use only trusted websites to provide qualified, up-to-date content. We don’t tweet content several times, we don’t follow bots or not-real people.

Daily we produce a dozen unique tweets based on up-to-date, actual news. We don’t just repost headlines or articles, we provide a short analytic view to the target fact. We are always in touch with most important information about outsourcing, .NET Framework and ASP.NET, PoS and retail, and manufacturing.

Internet Explorer Platform Preview. IE10 HTML5 Test and Screenchots

Yesterday, April 12, 2011 at Microsoft MIX, a developers conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft has announced Internet Explorer platform preview. It’s first preview of IE10.

internet explorer platform preview

In this post we will show the screenshots how new IE10 will render HTML5. There are some examples from websites supporting HTML5 technology and how they could work (look) in future Internet Explorer 10.

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What’s interesting at MIX11, gathering of web professionals

MIX is a gathering of developers, designers, UX experts and business professionals creating the most innovative and profitable consumer sites on the web. Sessions range from technical, code-based topics to expert advice on content strategy, usability and design.

MIX11 starts next week, April 12-14, 2011 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, USA. There are several topics SoftElegance attended in. Today we would like to introduce you the most interesting sessions…

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