Setting up Orchard CMS on Mono

How to set up Orchard CMS 1.7.3 on Mono 3.8.0

Comprehensive guide how to step-by-step run Orchard on Mono (Updated: February 2015)

Officially, Orchard CMS does not support Mono. There are no promises and no known plans to make it compatible. But being an Open Source project, it encourages developers worldwide to give it a try.

orchard cms on mono


On December 2014 I was given an assignment to set up a running Orchard CMS configuration on a Linux machine. It was intended to run an updated version of our company site – currently it available at and uses Orchard CMS 1.7.3 and Mono 3.8.0. As other company’s systems and services were already running on Linux (and some already using the Mono platform), the decision was to reuse the same system.

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The advantages of software development outsourcing

If you’re looking to have software written for you that does exactly what you need it to – whether it’s for internal or external-use purposes – it’s vitally important that you consider bringing in external specialists to craft it for you.

If you’re a company that doesn’t normally specialise in software development, but you want to get some branded programs out there for the public or the industry you’re connected to to use, you may not be ideally set up to build that software, and that’s where outsourcing becomes a smart choice.

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Whether you’re designing new phone software to appeal to those browsing handsets on or you’re a financial advice firm that wants to offer its clients helpful software and digital tools, then an outsourced software developer can add their expertise and insight, while at all times remaining under your command.

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Simple process of the domain name registration

Most people do not necessarily know how to go about setting up their own websites. Generally, this is because the task of building a website seems like a very complicated one best suited for technologically savvy or experienced people educated in programming and web design.

domain name registration

Fortunately, thanks to comprehensive web hosting companies such as Network Solutions, these popular perceptions are not true; in fact, web design has never been easier, as web hosting companies now offer all sorts of different features and methods that can enable even the most basic internet user to start a website if he or she so desires. All you need to do is get your domain name registration out of the way, and you will be able to begin building your website to whatever specifications you envision for it.

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