Converting the solution to .NET Framework 4.0

The goal is to run the solution or project written with .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 in to Visual Studio 2010 with .NET Framework 4.0. The application written in ASP.NET with Framework version 3.5. It could be necessary to convert the project into .NET Framework 4.0. We are going to show how it’s possible to do with MS Visual Studio LightSwitch beta.

dotnet franework 4.0 logo

Visual Studio LightSwitch beta is an alternative of MS Visual Studio 2010, it also requires .NET Framework 4.0. It possible to open the solution in VS LightSwitch to switch the project into .NET Framework 4.0

1. Open the target project written with .NET Framework 3.5 or connect to TFS to open the solution:

Visual Studio LightSwitch


2. To start switching just to doubleclick to the *.sln file (bottom in the root tree). You will see the Visual Studio conversion Wizard.

Visual Studio Convertion Wizard
The solution or project you are opening must be converted. It was either created in previous version of Visual Studio, or it relies on an older version of a program thatyou have installed on your computer.

Click Next to proceed.


3. It possible to create a backup of your solution before perform converting:

Click Next if you would like to create backup


4. Now Visual Studio ready to convert. Review the summary information:
ready to convert

Click Finish to start converting.


5. During the conversion you could get “Web Site targeting older .NET Framework Found”
web site targeting older .net framework
The Website is configured ti run an older version of the .NET Framework.You need to update the Website to use .NET Framework version 4.0.
Click Yes to proceed.


6. During the “Preparing Solution” process you are able to see the projects and files in the Solution Explorer.
preparing the solution


7. Now the conversion process is complete. You will see the following screen:
the conversion is complete

Click Close to finish the conversion and see the log file.


8. Now your solution is ready to run. First you could see the Solution Report located at \UpdateLog.XML
conversion report


RUN the Switched Solution. To RUN the solution in debug mode you should press Run button or press F5, like in the previous versions of Visual Studio.
run the solution


It works! After the solution build successful you could sure it works. It the same like in previous versions of .NET Framework and VS. You should firs see first ASP.NET Development Server is running:

.aspx application runs at localhost
and then something like this:
apxp application in firefox browser


Now you are ready to start executing all your test cases to be sure your application works correct.


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