Adobe will fights back with Flash11, or should we keep Flash development?

Looking to the few past month the future of Flash was not so bright. First Flash was rejected at Apple’s iOS, then Microsoft has banned it on the upcoming version of Internet Explorer 10. So is any future in flash development and what Adobe going to do to keep the internet market share?

For us as software development company this is really important question to keep support such technologies as Flash, Flex or Adobe Air. Adobe still message to developers: “Flash is still relevant, and Adobe is still investing in it”.

flash logo

Adobe System highlighted Flash 11 this week, and looks like it will be available in October. Also it will be available Air 3 by the end of 2011. Let’s look what will be more under the hood of Flash 11…

Most important highlights:

  • An interface Molehill, for hardware-accelerated 2D and 3D graphic;
  • 64-bit support;
  • Direct access to the GPU;
  • Deeper integration with business software like Office;
  • Near-field communications technology, through HTML5 as well as Flash.

Even so, Adobe notes that 130 different models of smartphones and 85 tablets will run Flash-based apps by the end of the year, totaling about 200 million units. That number is expected to reach more than 1 billion units by the end of 2015.

For really deep review of the all new features at Flash 11 please visit “Adobe fights back with Flash 11“. Also special thanks to “Adobe Systems launches Flash Player 11 and Air 3” for information about number of devices planned to be lunched.

Let wait who will win this fight…

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