Automation World indicates that nearly 80% of automation engineers will own a tablet PC by mid 2012

Apps are springing up for all kinds of automation uses, ranging from remote monitoring to test and measurement. Are iPads and other tablet PCs destined to become part of the automation engineer’s toolbox?

Looks like it’s new growing market for software developers to start developing new products and apps especially designed for tablet PC’s and automation needs. Yes, it’s not new, looking to billions of apps on Apple store or Android Market, but automation engineers definitely waiting for the tablet’s software their needs.

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Automation World conducted research earlier this year to find out what its subscribers thought about the application of tablet PCs in industry. The results shed a great deal of light on how fast the tablet PC adoption trend is accelerating.

The original article from Automation World’s ‘iPads and Automation‘ by David Greenfield.

Previously we told about SoftElegance develops material handling application for Panasonic Toughbook, the next signal was that IBM declares the end of the PC era, now 80% of automation users will own a tablet PC. Let’s see what will be next and what software engineering companies should do.

Automation World: Respondents indicate that nearly 80% will own a tablet PC by mid 2012

According to respondents, 49% of them already own an iPad, Blackberry, Android or other kind of tablet PC. When asked about plans to purchase a tablet PC, the number rose to 78%. Only 22% said they did not plan to purchase a tablet PC within the next 12 months.

Respondents who currently own a tablet PC confirmed that tablet PCs do play a role in their work-related interests. Seventy-two percent said that they read work-related digital publications on their tablet PCs. In addition, more than 50% said they read work-related newsletters and Web sites on their tablets several times each week.

Automation Tablet Applications

Several applications that now available on the market:

  • Data monitoring on a tablet PC to view SCADA system info for monitoring equipment and system performance as well as decision-making.
  • Accessing automated work order systems on a tablet PC so that operators can scan a machine to access bills of material for an order in process or access maintenance procedures for a particular piece of equipment.
  • Have the tablet PC function as a portable human machine interface to operate terminal services applications at multiple machines throughout a facility.

Of course you could always to start develop your own custom software application for tablet PC what will change the market forever. And we can help you with custom software development for tablet PC’s.

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