Worldwide enterprise IT spending and the future of IT

Gartner has released two researches about enterprise IT spending and about the future of IT.

New Gartner’s research found that enterprise IT spending estimates to total $2.7 trillion in 2012. In 2011 expected spending was $2.6 trillions. The increase is 3.9 percent.

Also Gartner’s analysts say it’s needed to oust the old, legacy systems in favor of mobile, cloud computing systems.

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Today we would like you to know more predicts about IT spending and how to invest this budget, Gartner has found on it’s researches.

TechCrunch has published it’s “Worldwide Enterprise IT Spending To Total $2.7 Trillion In 2012 But Growth Is Slowing” post and found that ‘worldwide enterprise IT spending estimates, which are projected to total $2.7 trillion in 2012. That’s a 3.9 percent increase from 2011 expected spending of $2.6 trillion, but down from a 5.9 percent expected increase in 2011.’

350 companies will each invest more than $1 billion in IT. And at the forefront of IT spending are applications in the cloud, social, data warehousing and mobility areas. Gartner says that $74 billion was spent on public cloud services in 2010, which only represented 3 percent of enterprise spending.

NetworkWorld also followed Gartner and has published “The future of IT? Get ready to blow stuff up“. That was the key message at the opening session of the Gartner Symposium IT/Expo.

Some important facts that needs to be know about the future of IT:

  • By 2014 CIOs will have lost effective control of 25% of their organizations’ IT spending.
  • By 2015, mobile application development projects targeting smartphones and tablets will outnumber PC projects by 4 to 1.
  • By 2016 the installed base of mobile PCs and smartphones will exceed that of desktop PCs.

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