Expectations in outsourcing

What companies expects from outsourcing development? Different companies and people has a different reasons when they consider to use outsourcing business model. However there are some common expectations that everyone has.

Outsourcing is cost effective. That is an expectation and one of the main reasons why outsourcing is so prominent and popular business model. But that is not sole what outsourcing buyer would like to find in the supplier’s company. There are some other skills that companies expects to see in the team. Some of the customers explicitly require such skills, but some of them just keeps it in mind. And here it possible to face with the misunderstanding. So choosing outsourcing partner ask yourself what do you expect from the outsourcing service provider.

Industry \ market knowledge. Most customers needs not just Senior .NET Developer, they needs for example .NET developer with knowledge of financial market. Financial industry is wide spread and it’s not so difficult to find developer who knows differences between covered and uncovered option. What if company works in Oil&Gas industry? Are the additional time, budget and place to wait while the team will learn basic industry information and will they?

Business process knowledge. This is little bit different from that team members should understand only customer’s market. In the software that should be developed could be rather complicated business process and dependencies. It could be additional benefit to have in the supplier’s team an expert who could understand all the processes and dependencies in customer’s company.

Is it possible to receive from supplier: “We don’t know about those modules, it’s too complicated” or get functionality which will broke some business process. Or better to have an answer like “Yes, and when we will implement this feature it will change modules A and B”?

Consulting. You would like to be sure that your supplier understand you, your business and your needs. What if your supplier could help to optimize or improve your business. Not as separate consulting company, just as a part of a project. Not mush outsourcing companies could do this. This could show the high-class of the outsourcing company.

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