The Top 10 Business Technology Trends To Watch: 2012 To 2014

Forrester: Tech changes to expect to 2014

Here is Forrester’s research for Enterprise Architecture Professionals. Business Intelligence tools, mobile apps and cloud application platforms are areas that will evolve and create significantly more business value between today and 2014.

Driving increasing capacity for business innovation remains high on the CIO’s agenda, but enterprise architects struggle to keep up with the rapidly changing technology landscape while also juggling current state complexity. and forrester logos

Forrester gauged 208 IT executives with knowledge of their companies’ technology strategies to see what areas they expect to change most during the next three years:

The post is based on Forrester’s research “The Top 10 Business Technology Trends EA Should Watch: 2012 To 2014” and deep’s review “Forrester: Tech Changes to Expect in Next 3 Years“.

Business Intelligence Is the Biggest Changer

Business Intelligence Is the Biggest Changer, but Is IT Taking it Too Lightly?

In a related 2010 Forrester survey, BI was ranked as the third technology that’s expected to change the most. This is year BI is number one, with 44 percent of respondents expecting it to change the most and 50 percent expecting it to generate big business value as data mining and reporting tools become more sophisticated and move to a cloud model.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps and Cloud Platforms merging to create the app internet

Thirty-six percent of respondents see mobile apps for smartphones and tablets as a top changer and 32 percent believe mobile apps will deliver the most business value.

Cloud Platforms

Mobile Apps and Cloud Platforms merging to create the app internet

The application platforms category, which refer to development of “elastic” applications for cloud services such as IaaS (infrastructure as-a-service) and PaaS (platform-as-a-service), is seen as a top changer by 34 percent of respondents and 28 percent believe app platforms will deliver business value.

The future

In the coming years, Forrester predicts that mobile apps and cloud services will merge to form what the company calls the “App Internet,” where specialized apps will use the storage and processing power of PCs, smartphones and tablets and the scale and flexibility of the cloud to allow applications to communicate with other apps and devices.


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