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C# wins developers — official release of the Tiobe Programming Community Index

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Microsoft’s C# language appears set to overtake C++ in regard to its popularity with developers

Tiobe survey has C# nipping at C++’s heels in popularity, but C++ holds edge in growing mobile development field. SoftElegance as software development company with the primary .NET Framework skills has C# as the main programming language.

In a release this week of the Tiobe Programming Community Index, which gauges the popularity of different languages, C# was ranked fourth, used by 8.205 percent of developers, barely behind C++, used by 8.252 percent. C++ has been consistently ranked third in the index since 2001.

Throwing up a potential roadblock to C#’s rise is that C++ offers better performance and thus is better for mobile applications, said Paul Jansen, Tiobe managing director. “If you look at the current trends, C# will surpass C++ in the next couple of months. But there might be a chance that C++ is strong enough to stay atop of C# because it is better for mobile application development.”

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Project Roslyn or Compiler-as-a-Service. Bringing flexibility of dynamic languages to C#

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Codename Roslyn project it’s a new type of compiler that will bring the flexibility of dynamic languages to C# and Visual Basic. Roslyn will be released as CTP (Community Technology Preview) by researchers from Microsoft.

Here at SoftElegance we are really interested in such initiative. “This project is about revising what compilers do”… We believe that bringing flexibility of dynamic languages to C# and VB it’s great idea. And idea of “Compiler-as-a-Service” also looks not so bad.

3 logos from the BUILD

Here is some comments of Anders Hejlsberg about Roslyn project, he said at BUILD

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SoftElegance has started to use SplendidCRM in trial mode

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SoftElegance has started to use the SplendidCRM in trial mode. At the moment we are using Community edition with MS SQL Sever 2008. After the first month we will consider to use or not SplendidCRM and the version in case it could cover our requirements.


SplendidCRM is a Microsoft-centric open-source customer relationship management application. It was written in C# using the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

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TweetSharp – .NET library for microblogging, v2.0 not only for ASP.NET developers

Reading Time: 2 minutes

TweetSharp is a .NET library for microblogging platforms that allows to write short expressions that convert automatically to web queries and fly to Twitter on your behalf. It covers 100% of the Twitter API and actively keep up with enhancements & changes.

In the begging of February 2011 the new version of TweetSharp was released.

TweetSharp logo

This is lightweight framework but it’s useful for the .NET developers; Windows Phone 7 mobile development and Mono development. TweetSharp can speed up the development process and designed to be lighter, faster, and more intuitive.

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Introducing MonoDroid – a stack for using C# to develop Android-based applications.

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MonoDroid logo

MonoDroid is a development stack for using C# and core .NET APIs to develop Android-based applications.

MonoDroid is an implementation of the Mono Framework and was at the closed beta but in the beginning of 2011 it became in the open beta

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Using ASP.NET MailMessage class with MONO. Troubleshooting

Reading Time: 2 minutes

There is an example how to use the MailMessage class in case you are using the ordinary ASP.NET hosting and the difference when you are running your website using MONO technology. logo

The MailMessage Class provides properties and methods for constructing an e-mail message. But there are some troubles using it with MONO. See the examples how to avoid this.

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Introduction of the ConfORM – new Object-relational mapping system

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Here is the short introduction of the ConfORM, the stand for Configuration ORM, and it was trying to use a lot of heuristic model for identifying entities from C# code. Today, it’s mostly Model First Driven development, so the first thing is to build the entity model. It often used Inversion Engineering here, Database Schema is will create based on recently Entity Model.

Originally I was found the Thang Chung’s article A first look at ConfORM – Part 1. This is a very useful article at it contains the code examples, how to build the Entity Model, Database schemas and some examples of the NHibernate Configuration’s

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