Converting the solution to .NET Framework 4.0

The goal is to run the solution or project written with .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 in to Visual Studio 2010 with .NET Framework 4.0. The application written in ASP.NET with Framework version 3.5. It could be necessary to convert the project into .NET Framework 4.0. We are going to show how it’s possible to do with MS Visual Studio LightSwitch beta.

dotnet franework 4.0 logo

Visual Studio LightSwitch beta is an alternative of MS Visual Studio 2010, it also requires .NET Framework 4.0. It possible to open the solution in VS LightSwitch to switch the project into .NET Framework 4.0
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IT in Retail Research. A summary white paper

Highlights of key findings on the systems used by the leading 100 UK retailers
The latest Martec IT in Retail research, sponsored by BT Expedite, is now available. The report is an analysis of the systems used by the 100 leading UK retailers in 2010-11.
It’s the eighth annual study carried out by Martec International and is undertaken by interviewing CIOs in the leading retail companies. The results represent 75 per cent of the UK retail market by sales. This year, the survey also features for the first time a report on the systems used by the 100 leading non-food retailers.

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How to manage risk in outsourced applications. Security in outsourcing contracting.

IBM and Rational Software talks a lot about outsourcing in general and especially about security in outsourcing software development projects . You could find the fresh information and new look to security in outsourcing contracting and subcontracting, risk management or code and data management products like Rational AppScan. There are also available white papers, video and audio podcasts.


Today we would like to review and highlight Ryan Berg‘s, IBM Senior Security Architect whitepaper called “Trust, but Verify. How to manage risk in outsourced applications”.

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Facebook.NET: Open source library for developing Facebook applications

The review of the FACEBOOK.NET open source library for use in developing Facebook applications and accessing Facebook APIs. The library is primarily geared around and optimized for developing ASP.NET-based Web applications, both FBML and IFrame-based Facebook applications through an intuitive API and small set of server controls. It does support the use of the Facebook API from desktop applications as well, and will eventually enable Silverlight application usage.
The library is built on .NET 2.0, but should run on future versions of the .NET framework as well. Applications using Facebook.NET can be written in either C# or VB.NET.
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Sprite and Image Optimization Framework review

Today (Aug 5 2010) was presented new Open Source Framework named Sprite Image Optimization Framework for ASP.NET. It was represented on CodePlex in the development status: Beta.

Release Notes:
The ASP.NET Sprite Control and framework is designed to decrease the amount of time required to request and display a page from a web server by performing a variety of optimizations on the page’s images.
It includes the following components:

  • API for automatically generating sprites and inline images;
  • Controls and helpers which provide a convenient way of calling into the API.

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