a-Gnostics chapter III: what’s new at pioneering deep tech startup dedicated to crafting innovative industrial AI products

At the beginning of 2024 we would like to summarize the tasks what were done since our latest major update, and we are proudly introduce the third version, or chapter III.

The great and short news at the very beginning: 💰 as startup a-Gnostics received $150,000 from Microsoft Azure.

🏭 Solutions:

1. 👂🏿 Di-agnostics – ‘Shazam for industrial equipment’, it leverages the sounds emitted by machinery to provide real-time insights into equipment health.

📱 iOS app – was launched in September 2023, designed to empower enterprises and engineers with the native iOS app to cover their needs to proactively prevent equipment failures and reduce maintenance costs.

📱 Android app – was launched in March 2022, designed to empower enterprises and engineers with the native Android app to cover their needs to proactively prevent equipment failures and reduce maintenance costs.

🦇 BAT (Boxed a-Gnostics Technology) – IIoT device that seamlessly integrates with our solution Di-agnostics and works 24×7 on the field.

2. ⚡ ECF 2.0 – upgraded version of Energy Consumption Forecasts, the first industrial AI model we’ve launched to production in 2018.

We are working on internalization of Electricity Consumption Forecast solution, based on modern approach in Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI. Analyzing large historical datasets, and additional features, like weather it is possible to provide the electricity consumption forecast with the accuracy of 98%.

3. 🤖 GeShI (beta) – we are working on creating an equivalent of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, specifically tailored for the dynamic energy markets. This AI powerhouse promises to redefine communication and decision-making processes in the energy sector.

🌐 a-Gnostics Platform – with a proven track record spanning agritech, energy, and manufacturing industries, we offer a robust platform for accelerated development of predictive analytics models.

There are significant and important updates we’ve made in automation, especially on how to schedule models retraining after particular event and models customization for companies and users.

Also, extended a-Gnostics CORE’s API, and several updates on UI to minimize number of clicks, provide more information for analysis, and improve user’s experience.

🔭 Next – there are several areas we are working at and plan to deliver during the 2024:

1. New approaches and models for sound analytics;

2. Precise detection of anomaly type;

3. Enhancements for time-series data analysis;

4. Security certification;

5. RUL (Remaining Useful Life) calculation;

6. Robust notification and scraping modules.

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Industry 5.0 Ukraine;

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