Artificial Intelligence and electricity consumption during the war in Ukraine

On February 24 2022, after the attack on Ukraine by the Russian Federation, the war began for everyone, each defending the country by working, doing what he and she can and helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Work on the economic front helps to protect Ukraine too.

Providing the country with electricity is necessary for the army, business and every citizen. Those who, unfortunately, have experienced light outages, understand even more how important it is not only for work, but for maintaining morale and life. We thank all power engineers from the generation and distribution of electricity for their excellent work, for our part we help the following:

One of the solutions in a-Gnostics, which also continues to work during the war, is to forecast electricity consumption in Ukraine. It is necessary to make an hourly forecast for market for the day ahead. The solution for forecasting energy consumption we started to develop before the launch of a new electricity market in Ukraine on July 1, 2019, and successfully implemented it for several enterprises. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are used for more accurate forecasting.

a-Gnostics DataDome ECF Ukraine Electricity Consumption
a-Gnostics DataDome ECF Ukraine Electricity Consumption

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SoftEleganse’s Report 2017

This year has passed. It’s time to sum up

Hi all! Soon will be Christmas and New Year Holidays, so we want to take stock of the passing year.


Contract with cybersecurity market leader

This year was one of the most productive for SoftElegance. At the beginning of the year, we signed the contract with Scandinavian cybersecurity market leader. The request was in a multi-level Big Data project architecture, a platform for receiving millions of transactions per second, processing this information and delivering results in a split second.
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Artificial Intelligence Overview or “How to predict the future?”

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning facts, views, and opinions

Hi, all! Today we want to discuss one big theme – Artificial Intelligence (AI). So many doubts and disputes around it. To help you understand this issue a little better, we collected different facts, views, and materials in this article. It could help you to make up your own opinion about Artificial Intelligence and answer questions: how dangerous AI can be, how machine learning helped people in AI evolution, etc.

“AI’s a rare case where we need to be proactive in regulation, instead of reactive. Because by the time we are reactive with AI regulation, it’s too late” — Elon Musk

At first, let’s figure out what means Artificial Intelligence.
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