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SoftElegance one of trusted Ukrainian software development company!

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We became the 2nd company in Ukraine on TOP trusted outsourcing companies

Not so far ago we received a message from Jigar Modi that published companies rating. On his blog, you can find everything from blockchain to outsourcing leading companies.


Business relationships in IT

We became the 2nd company in Ukraine on TOP trusted outsourcing companies. For us, it’s a big pleasure and responsibility too!

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Report from France-Ukraine business forum in Paris

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SoftElegance participated at France-Ukraine business forum 28 October 2016

France-Ukraine business forum was held in Paris, October 28. It was attended by Minister of the Economy and Finance of France, Prime Minister of Ukraine, other senior officials of both countries, investors, exporters, representatives of leading world companies from the medicine, agriculture, energy, manufacturing, and tech industries.

France-Ukraine Business Forum 28 October 2016 Paris

France-Ukraine Business Forum 28 October 2016 Paris

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Report from the Canada – Ukraine Business Forum in Toronto

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SoftElegance participated in the Canada-Ukraine Business Forum, June 20 in Toronto

Global Affairs Canada and Ukraine’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, in partnership with the Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and the Conference Board of Canada, held the Canada-Ukraine Business Forum, June 20, 2016, at the Toronto Congress Centre.

Justin Trudeau at the Canada-Ukraine Business Forum

Justin Trudeau at the Canada-Ukraine Business Forum

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended CUBF, as well as many government officials from Canada and Ukraine. The Forum has provided a unique opportunity to meet key Ukrainian and Canadian political and business leaders. It was the platform for discussing the opportunities that will be brought by the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement.

SoftElegance would like to thanks to the organizers and participants, and we are looking forward for the new businesses.

#CanUAForum #CanUATrade

Mentions about Ukrainian’s IT industry in the press

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Ukrainian IT sector was mentioned several times at the reputable press this week

Several world-known online magazines like Forbes and BBC published this week their special reports about the Ukrainian IT industry.

Forbes has published Could Ukraine Be The Next Silicon Valley?. Greg Satell says that since Silicon Valley emerged as the center of the technology world in the seventies and eighties, others have tried to followed its lead, most have failed, but a few have succeeded brilliantly.

“It’s also important to remember that Ukraine is largest and one of the best educated countries in Europe, with an excellent base of talent and technology infrastructure. So while it may seem unlikely for Ukraine to become the next tech mecca, I wouldn’t bet against it.”, Satell says.

Ukrainian tech industry is worth about $5 billion. The outsourcing is the most developed and employs roughly 50,000 engineers across 500 firms

The next was BBC with its “Tech sector leading Ukraine’s pro-European revival” by business reporter Padraig Belton. He says that Ukraine’s tech sector is flourishing, and Ukraine is a “sleeping IT tiger”.

At Daily Mail Online came with the same question “Will the next Silicon Valley be in UKRAINE?“. According to it Ukraine has more than 4,100 firms that outsource skills to other countries, and its IT industry is growing by a quarter each year. Technology startups are making waves across the US and Europe.

Ukraine exports $2 billion in software service each year

The conclusion is that Ukraine’s IT sector, including tech start-ups and outsourcing industry, is booming and worth to be one of the world-known places to start IT business.

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