Top 5 Technology Trends for 2014. The Internet of Things is a leader.

The internet of things is the top technology trend to watch

In the middle of 2014 Gartner has published its top technology trends for 2014. We are highlighting 5 most important and valuable for Entrepreneur, CIOs, and IT departments, based on detailed “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014” special report.

“Each year, Gartner compiles a list of the top technology trends that have the potential to affect individuals, businesses and IT organizations during the next three years”, some of them are on this list for many years, but several are fresh and makes business, software development companies, and startups for changes and new challenges.

Let’s talk about Cloud-Client Architecture, IT as a Service Brokerage, Software-Defined Anything, Web-Scale IT and more…


One of the top resources for entrepreneurs and ‘connected generation’, Mashable ranked Internet of Things as number one startup industries to watch on its “8 Surging Startup Industries to Watch“.

Gartner says: “The Internet of Things will be big, but just how big depends on exactly what is included. This research helps business and IT leaders understand this emergent technology and applications, and describes how IT leaders can help identify significant new opportunities.”

The potential size and diversity of the internet of things mask immediate opportunities for IT and business. The Internet of Things will include 26 billion units installed by 2020. IoT product and service suppliers will generate incremental revenue exceeding $300 billion, mostly in services, in 2020. It will result in $1.9 trillion in global economic value-add through sales into diverse end markets.

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Meet SoftElegance at International Festival for Business

SoftElegance participated at International Festival for Business, for more connections with the U.K. businesses

In June 2014 SoftElegance’s participated at International Festival for Business, #IFB2014, the U.K.’s biggest business festival with unrivalled opportunities to build international connections and commercial value.

During June and July Liverpool will host hundreds of events, conferences, seminars, and business meetings. IFB 2014 is truly global, with international reach and significance. The festival connects UK businesses into international markets, bringing together the smartest entrepreneurial minds and the best business opportunities.

SoftElegance, bespoke software development company, participated at its first business meeting with one of the governmental Liverpool’s institution. “It was a big honor for us to had a meeting with governmental procurement team. We appreciate a chance to present our services, success stories, and share the experience in development sophisticated business software”, said Andy Starzhinsky, SoftElegance’s Marketing Director.

SoftElegance at International Festival for Business, Liverpool 2014

SoftElegance is the U.K.-registered company with headquarters in London, provides custom software development on outsourcing business model. “For us it was a challenge, a chance to prove our maturity level during the meeting with the U.K.’s governmental organization. We are looking forward for successful collaboration with government and business and to establish new contacts in the U.K.”, Mr. Starzhinsky added.

International Festival for Business 2014 will host more than 120 events focused on connection companies with potential customers, suppliers, and investors. SoftElegance is grateful to IFB for openness and provided opportunity.

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Staff turnover at SoftElegance

We’ve calculated the average staff turnover at SoftElegance during the last 3 years

The amount of staff turnover indicates the healthiness of company and employees’ loyalty. It represents successful people management and correctness of decisions made by company’s management and executives.

In the software development outsourcing industry the staff turnover plays a key role and significantly influence on project work stability and efficiency which consequently impact the final product or service.

SoftElegance's Staff Turnover

The average annual staff turnover at SoftElegance during the period of 2011-2013 is 4.9%

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3 unusual and most important tips for website development

Tips how to successfully launch first version of website

Today we’ve launched our new brand’s corporate website – In this regards we have few tips totally different from traditional approach to website development.

website design,

In total website design, development, content creation and management, and implementation took approximately 2 weeks. And we would like to share tips how successfully launch such kind of projects into production. This is actually a sub-project of bigger project, but here is why it’s so important to launch website as soon as possible.

#1 start from pure HTML + bootstrap

If you are launching new website with just registered domain you should do it as soon as possible. As faster robots will index you website as faster you’ll receive first audience from organic search. As faster you’ll launch site as faster you could start share it and receive social audience.

Start from 3 main pages. Create simple from technologies view HTML pages. In 2014, and I believe next years, responsive design is a must. So start with Bootstrap templates, buy it or use free, whatever, design should scalable for mobile devices from the very beginning.

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SoftElegance’s new Core Presentation

New Core Presentation — even better Dynamic Software Business Solutions

SoftElegance is proud to present its new Core Presentation. Spring 2014, we’ve redesigned our core presentation and glad to present it. Please see SoftElegance — Custom Software Development Services.

SoftElegance is a software development outsourcing company that provides quality business software and SaaS systems. We are committed to innovation design of the software we produce and to innovation, up-to-date web and UI design, so our new core presentation follows all modern design guidelines and brings all ideas and our software development philosophy to the customer.

SoftElegance -- Software Development Outsourcing

Founded in 1993, SoftElegance is a software development outsourcing company that specializes in affordable custom software development and software solutions for business. SaaS systems, sophisticated web portals, applications, and business processes automation are offered to the customers who are on the FORTUNE 500 list and SMB companies. With offices in London, Houston, and Kiev and clients from the U.S. and the E.U. SoftElegance assists customers in developing software for internal automation and providing software solutions worldwide.

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Report from Retail Business Technology Expo 2014

In March 2014 SoftElegance attended Retail Business Technology Expo in London

Retail Business Technology Expo 2014 is the largest gathering of the retail industry in Europe. RBTE is the must visit event for European retailers, software solutions providers for retail, and custom software development companies with experience in software development for retailers, like SoftElegance.

Earls Court, London, RBTE

Another huge success in 2014!, says official RBTE website. It was a great show, large exhibition and knowledge sessions — we agree. The latest edition of Europe’s biggest and fastest growing retail solutions show – RBTE 2014, with 8,642 attendance – an increase of 20.23%.

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Meet SoftElegance at Retail Business Technology Expo

SoftElegance is going to participate at RBTE 2014

Retail Business Technology Expo 2014 is the largest gathering of the retail industry in Europe. RBTE is the must visit event for European retailers who want to keep up to date with all the latest solutions available to help then grow their business, improve productivity and improve the customer experience.

RBTE in 2014 will take place 11th-12th March at Earls Court, London, with over 9,000 visitors expected. “If you need to know what’s working, what’s not, what new, who’s innovating and winning and how they are doing it, the key to successful international expansion, what the future looks like, how to reduce costs while delivering an outstanding customer experience – then you need to visit RBTE.”

retail business technology expo

SoftElegance is the company with great success in development of custom software solutions for retail industry. With almost 15 years experience to develop and successfully launch custom software products for our customers from retail industry.

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10 IT Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2014

CIO and IT experts about IT outsourcing trends in 2014

According to and several other IT outsourcing experts this will be the year of robots and customers, more control in all outsourcing areas.

10 IT Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2014

We suppose that our readers are familiar in IT outsourcing, and many of you might be enough the headlines to watch 2014 IT outsourcing trends, and just ‘one twit description’ for all of them

The IT outsourcing trends are:
1) The Rise of the Machines — It’s about robots.
2) Hybrid Offshoring Heats Up — It’s about in-house and outsourcing combined teams.
3) An Increase in Insourcing — It’s about from 20 to 30 percent will be brought back in-house.
4) Service Integration Comes Home — It’s about taking on integration service back home.
5) The Cloud Gets Grounded — It’s about doubt that cloud computing is here to stay.

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E.U. will have a gap of 900 thousand IT pros in 2015

Unemployed in Europe Stymied by Lack of Technology Skills

This is the headline of The New York Times’ article about lack of IT professionals in Europe.

In Dublin, for example, about half of information technology jobs were being filled with foreign workers for a lack of skilled applicants. The European Union lacks qualified IT workers to fill jobs in the growing ITC sector.

Many Jobs In Europe Go Begging For Skills

“In all countries, there is an expectation that many of the new jobs created will be in the knowledge-intensive economy,” said Glenda Quintini, a senior labor economist at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. “But we are seeing a worrisome skills mismatch that means a large number of unemployed people are not well prepared for the pool of jobs opening up.”

Please see the original article Unemployed in Europe Stymied by Lack of Technology Skills for more details, or use software development outsourcing services.
Or see our previous post “outsourcing vs H-1B visas in 2014” that there will not be enough qualified IT jobs candidates to fill the vacancies in the U.S.

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2013 IT year in numbers

Major IT facts, news, and statistic for 2013

In the last days of 2013 we publish some most interesting facts from IT industry in numbers.

2013 IT year in numbers

Our leader is the fact about “500 million lines of code behind the beleaguered website. Programmers spent most of October and November debugging and rewriting the code to get the site up to speed.”

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